Not sure if you meet the requirements? Find out everything you need to know about One For the City below.

Collection and distribution of donations

How are donations collected?

One For the City collects contributions, which are paid across to and administered by the Leeds Community Foundation.

Who decides how the money is distributed?

Leeds Community Foundation will be administering the funds on behalf of One For the City and working with local charities and community organisations to identify how best to distribute the funds members contribute.

Who are the Leeds Community Foundation?

Leeds Community Foundation is the region’s largest independent funder, working with hundreds of community organisations each year.
The Foundation generates philanthropic giving and leverages statutory funding to deliver grants that address specific challenges. This opens up vulnerable and often marginalised communities to a wealth of opportunities including skills, education, health, culture and employment.

When are distributions donated?

Distributions to the chosen charities and community organisations will be made twice a year.

Will you publish data on the donations received and how they are distributed?

Yes. Impact reporting forms a key pillar of One For the City and in conjunction with the Leeds Community Foundation, we will provide an annual report and impact report.

Joining and giving

How do we join One For the City?

Joining is easy. Register your interest on the OFTC website. One of the OFTC team will be in touch with next steps, including signing up to our membership terms, which outlines the commitment that you make as a member to donate.

Who can join One For the City?

Anyone. We have created a platform for all businesses in the Leeds City Region to increase collective giving to charitable and social causes in the city whilst creating a community of businesses committed to growing a more inclusive economy.

How do I calculate my 1% commitment?

At the end of your financial year, you will take your total revenue or profit figure and calculate 1% of that amount.For example £100,000 total revenue/profit x .01 = £1,000.
We ask that you provide proof of the amounts.

When do I donate?

After your financial year ends, you have up to three months to submit your proof of revenue or profit and make your donation. If we do not receive these items within that timeframe, your membership will be terminated.

Are there membership fees?

Each year, One For the City members pay a small annual membership fee. We work hard to keep the membership fee as low as possible but its needed to support our work to provide value to you as a member and to further grow the movement. Membership fees are not distributed to the charities.

Can we donate time and volunteer to count towards our 1%?

No. The stark reality is that what our local charities and community organisations need is cash. Grassroots organisations are at risk of running out of much needed funding and may disappear without it.
However, we will be running events in conjunction with local charities and community organisations to help people get involved in other ways to support them.

What if I don’t make any profit?

Members are still required to submit a proof of revenue/profit showing that no revenue/profit was made for the last financial year to complete their certification.

Are donations tax deductible?

We recommend confirming this with your accountant or tax advisor.

Being part of the OFTC community

How can we connect with other businesses in One For the City network?

The One For the City network is a great way of creating meaningful partnerships and enabling members to work together.
New members will be added to the directory of businesses who’ve joined.
In addition to direct connections, we regularly host events that allow for face-to-face networking.

How can we share that we are part of One For the City?

Being part of One For the City is something to be proud of so we want you to shout from the rooftops that you’re one of a growing community of likeminded businesses wanting to create a better society.
We’ll provide you our logo and email footer so you can incorporate it in all your business communications, website and social media pages.
We’ll include you in the Directory on the One For the City website.
We’ll make regular announcements and press releases and social media postings announcing new members and shining a spotlight on existing members.

Can I be a Patron of One For the City?

We recognise that large corporates already have established CSR programmes in place and we don’t want to divert funds already committed under those programmes.
For companies such as this, we invite you to donate and become a Patron of One For the City. Please register your interest on the website and one of the OFTC team will be in touch to discuss.